Social Media Awards 2014 – April Update

Nominations for the 2014 Social Media Awards are now closed. They were open for almost a month. Missed it? You must not have been oh you know, using social media so.

What comes next?
We are now looking for people to judge the categories for the event. Apply here. We would love a mix of specialists and also the general public too. Everyone is welcome to be a judge but if you have skin in the game, it’s probably best that you don’t judge or abstain from categories your work is in.

We’ll have the Nominated list out by the end of this week and then we’ll have judging under way then to get us a Quarter Final List, then a Semi-Final List and then the Finalist list.

The event takes place on June 5th in the Bord Gais Energy Theatre. Tickets are not on sale yet as it’s best for us all that people don’t jump the gun buying tickets when they’ve not reached the semi-finals.

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