2012 Thank yous

I’d like to thank so many people and I think this post will get updated as I re-remember who I meant to thank you.

First the headliner sponsor Bord Gais Energy and Eoin Ó Súilleabháin in there. Then all the other sponsors too who ensured the event could happen. (Sponsor page on the way). Naturally the man who was the glue for the event, kept it running smoothly while making it fun was Rick O’Shea.

If it wasn’t for Michelle McCormick then I wouldn’t be able to run this event at all. She made sure everything I wanted was planned to perfection. She sorted out the talking to the public part that I dislike. She got prices, suppliers, logos, you name it all to work together. She is the Gabrielle to my Xena. Also, a big thank you to Dave M who also helped enormously, especially with the ball pit. Yes, a ball pit!
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Ryan Whalley once again did the amazing amazing photo work.

The AV crew were Brian Greene on wall of sound, Enda Crowley on button pincer movements and all around tech issues, John Williams for video and Voiceover Bloke for all the voicey bits and the great clips about Rick’s Balls. Intern in chief was Aoife Hayward and interned the shit out of the function.

Pembroke were the logistics masters, Curious Cupcakes produced some serious sweet treats, Colm O’Regan was sound for doing his routine and giving us a sneak peak at this new routine for Cat Laughs. Thanks to the Spike Badges crew of Klara and Alexia for making fun badges like “I trend internationally”. Thanks for the tees TedTees! Thanks for the help Robserver.

Our awesome judges were just awesome and their names shall live on in legend and for some event on the Wall of Awesome. The super dooper name badges were from Sam Warren in Digiprints

Pivotal for the goody bags, Fran Hollywood for the tonnes of fun props, Gerald McCarthy for the trophies and Aoife from the Mansion House for all her help. Thank you to The Sociable who were our social media partners.

See you next year!

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