2012 Pre-nomination homework

March 15th Update: Nominations are now open.

Nominations for the 2012 will open soon enough. You will need to nominate your own company/campaign for the Social Media Awards as each nomination needs details only the people running the Social Media Accounts/Campaigns would know.

Here are some suggested things to have ready for your nomination.

  • 1. Look at the winners from last year in categories you want to nominate yourself.
  • 2. Read the whitepaper we put together of winner case studies from last year.
  • 3. Hone your pitch. A percentage of the judging process will be on how well you nominated yourself. (Hint: “see our Facebook doesn’t get you much points for your nomination formatting)
  • 4. See our Facebook Page or follow us on Twitter to be informed the second we open nominations
  • 5. Get your Facebook Page, Website and Twitter profile looking snazzy before you submit something.
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